Fuzz the Beach!
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PTF by Pause photography


Back in the 90Ęs there were 2. In the 00Ęs there were 3.
They formed a band and that was that. Our band is called Brotherhood Of Sleep and we organise this event. The real deal is down below because...

...It was always about the FUZZ and the promise it holds within us all.
Amplified sonic distortion which brings beauty and makes the Earth tremble
gently with delight . Reassurance of the Cosmic Flow. A spiritual earthquake to awaken us all, even for an instance, from society's slumber which all of us experience in everyday life and learnt to be a part of in, oh, so many ways.

This is not an official event in the strict term of the word 'official'. Yes, it's official because it comes straight from the heart; the passion for a new self-realisation that we, the bands, can make anything happen if we strive for it. And no, itĘs not °officialĘ because this time stadiums will not be filled, big sponsors will not be advertised, money will not be made, no °authorityĘ will be respected.

Anything can happen really, the unexpected can be easily expected.
A few people will go by the beach, some will play music, others will listen and others will talk, all will share the beauty of combining good music with the cool surroundings and hopefully at the end of the day all will have fun.

This event celebrates only one fact:
The unbelieveable circumstance that out of all the probable possibilities
and eras of time, we are right here, right now rocking out as one.
You come around and make yourselves and us better people.
DonĘt forget to bring a beer or something.

Sand Merchant / Brotherhood Of Sleep / 2007-2013




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